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About Emma Newman

​​​I’ve been working in the area of research and training, for the past 25 years. And they compliment each other beautifully.

I love finding out about what makes people do what they do, so I’m well suited to a life long career in research. 
After gaining my first degree in Psychology I quickly found an area that I loved and immersed myself in healthcare research, initially working in an academic environment then moving across into pharmaceutical and medical market research. And every now and then I delve into a bit of veterinary medicine for a change.

And so how does the training-side fit it?

In almost every job I’ve ever held, I’ve been asked to train others and it’s something I really enjoy. For a few years I took on a full-time role doing just that and travelled all over the world to train researchers. Now I’m a certified trainer, which means I know how to design and deliver training courses in a way that helps the messages stick (and I’ve done a lot of it).

I love change and I love a new challenge

Sometimes you’ll find me running market research projects for research agencies (everything from designing the research, to supervising fieldwork, analysing the data and pulling it all together into a presentation).

At other times I’m running training workshops to help people build their research, project management and presentation skills.

I love the mix of the two roles and the way in which I am able to draw on all of my research experience in the training that I provide.

And I’ve realised more recently that this is a fairly unique combination – to be an experienced researcher who also has years and years of experience in training others. It means that I can deliver really relevant courses and workshops to groups of people, particularly those in the pharmaceutical and medical industry where I have largely worked for my entire career. And many of the courses that I run are applicable to many industries, not just healthcare.

Oh, and as an aside, I have also started to help others to evaluate their training programmes and providing them with an independent assessment of their outputs and an evaluation of the gaps that exist in their programmes.

In short, I am a certified trainer and a freelance researcher and I work for companies who need help in either area.