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I believe that training should be experiential – telling somebody is not enough. They need to discover some of the learnings for themselves because that way it has every chance of remaining with them forever.

We learn well by doing and experiencing and I and enjoy drawing on case studies and examples to really bring the learnings to life. All of my training courses include regular reviews of the key learning points and, importantly, discussion on how these can be put into place moving forwards to ensure that the training really does stick.

On the research side, I provide training across the project lifecycle, including designing research materials (screeners, questionnaires and discussion guides), depth interviewing skills, content analysis as well as in the vital skills of effective project management.

And having run presentation skills courses for researchers, I have realised that this has applications across many different sectors and am looking forward to broadening this out to non-researchers. And if you are looking for somebody to train your managers in how to run really effective training for their teams, then look no further!

In fact, why not take a look at my recent blog, to see what I believe are the skills of really excellent trainers! 

So whether you are looking for a specific course for your team, or some individual mentoring to bring somebody up to speed with a new area, I can probably help.

One of the key ways in which I believe the training that I offer is different, is that having been immersed in conducting research for years, that I am able to set tasks to researchers in between training sessions and provide them with individual feedback. This really helps to embed the learning which means that  when they get back to their desks, they really can hit the ground running with their new found skills.

I pride myself on designing and delivering training that is relevant and accessible, and that can be put into practice from the moment delegates get back to thier working environment.

I offer a bespoke, flexible approach to training and I design and deliver training to individuals and teams using a mix of methods. I love to train small and large groups face-to-face and also do a lot of 1:1 work, using a combination of online training, supplemented with phone calls and follow-up tasks.

Providing Training That Sticks